About Us

International Swim is an educational program that provides communities a ‘Learn to Swim’ and a ‘Water Safety’ curriculum as well as ’Water Therapy’ services.

Our teaching method is unique and tailored to each student’s needs and aspirations.  We teach infants, toddlers, teens, adults, and people with physical, mental and/or emotional disabilities.  We are specialized on helping students overcome fear, traumatic water experiences, asphyxia, suffocation, etc.

Private one-on-one lessons are available as well as group lessons and although we are based in Miami, Florida our program is to be taught nationally and abroad providing clients all around the world with educational water atmosphere background and excellence
International Swim provides ‘Aquatic Therapy’ for after surgery rehabilitation, injuries, arthritis, MS, overweight, etc.

Our goal is not only to educate, but to return human beings to their natural relationship with water.

Why Us

Why International Swim & Water Therapy:  because Its founder and director has the talent, energy, passion,  background and knowledge to deliver, lead and educate.


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