"I really liked her approach, how she explained things and how easy she made it.
I liked that on my first class 10 min later I was already swimming.
I want to thank the instructor for teaching me how to swim in such a short period of time. She was very professional and knew how easily explain complicated issues.”

~Rena Rubinchik - Adult Student -Water Phobia

"Good teacher. Makes the learning process fun; has a sense of humor. Points out what needs improvement, and shows enthusiasm for progress”

~Evan Glauberman - Child Student

"She is a very good teacher, and i knew since the first day that she was good.
What i like the most from the instructor is her attitude, she makes you feel that you can do it, even when you know is hard; She's always supporting the student. ”

~Erika Solis - Adult Student

"I liked the method, and the care and dedication.
I like your pedagogy with the kids. The kids are really excited with taking their classes with Hortensia ”

~Eliuka Ordway - Child Student

"She knows how to teach kids. From the second class, my son showed what he learned.
The teacher is very punctual with her classes, she is very patient with the kids. ”

~Grant Nussbaum - Child Student

"Hortensia is a very good teacher, patience, and perseveres in her teaching.
My daughter Cristina cried at first, now she loves to go in the water, that is because Hortensia was patient and loving. ”

~Cristy Barco - Child Student

"Hortensia is very good with all children. They are very comfortable with her and take her instructions well. Because children are at ease with Hortensia, they relax in the water and learn very quickly. ”

~Mary Grace Patrick - Child Student


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