For those in need of physical therapy, International Swim has a variety of aqua therapies depending on the person’s circumstances. Some of these are: 

-Ai Chi: flowing aquatic energy.  Ai Chi is a simple exercise and relaxation program performed using a combination of deep breathing and slow, broad movements of the arms, legs, and torso.

-Arthritics Aquatics ®: The word arthritis means joint inflammation (arth: joint; itis: inflammation) and refers to more than 100 rheumatic diseases. Arthritics may affect one or more aspects of the joint depending on the type of rheumatic disease.  The rheumatic diseases are an inflammation or degeneration of the connective tissue structures of the body, especially the joint and structures such as muscles, tendons, and fibrous tissue. The soothing warm waters make a safe, ideal and comfortable atmosphere in order to relieve pain and stiffness.

-Watsu ®: The word “Watsu” comes from the words Water and Shiatsu. This is a lovely technique in which we use our own buoyancy and it is performed in warm water where you will be massaged and stretched.

-Water Dance ®: Is a nourishing and embracing aquatic therapy where the practitioner softly and gently starts taking the client under water with a nose clip and where you will be given the opportunity of a lifetime to experience being in the womb again. In Water Dance the receiver finds the freedom that has been searching for in plenty of other land exercises or therapies being this one an open door to their spiritual fulfillment.

-Bad Ragaz Ring Method: This technique originated in Germany in 1957 and was introduced, by a German therapist, to the therapeutic thermal pools of Bad Ragaz in Switzerland. The technique has since become more clearly defined as the Bad Ragaz Ring Method.  This is a method of muscle re-education utilizing specific patterns of resistance, endurance, elongation, relaxation, range of motion, and tonal reduction.

Click the link below to watch Jeffrey's water therapy

Jeffrey 9:30 min

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